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Surge Protection

To ensure that your home and family are most prepared for when the unexpected inevitably strikes. Call us today at 610-202-7999 to schedule a surge protection consultation.

Recommended by the National Fire Protection Association and the Institute for Business and Home Safety, surge protectors safeguard electrical devices in your home in the event of power spikes and surges.

When a sudden increase in voltage occurs, such as from a lightning strike or damage to a power line, a surge protector detects the excess current and safely diverts it through the house’s grounding path.

This is a great way for conscious homeowners to protect their investment and (more importantly) their families inside of it.


Let the professionals at RAYA ELECTRIC give you the peace of mind that when the dust settles after an unexpected storm strikes, you, your family, and your home will all still be whole.

Electricity Done Right!

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